Mood. I have been tasked with creating the January Newsletter for Extra Practice “but it’s February!” I hear you cry and you would be correct, but January was too quick and we were feeling slow, I apologise. There is a lot of talk about mood and intentions at the beginning of January and then the 17th comes along and there is a lot of chat about Blue Monday. A little bit of browsing the internet quickly reveals it as a sham devised for and supported by, a travel company. A formula, to capture the collective mood of a month and a sham formula at that! So beyond this little introduction, the rest of this newsletter will be a series of drawings from the Extra Practice dwellers in an attempt to capture the mood for the month with more rigour than some made-up calculations to sell you a holiday or two.

If you are reading this and would also like to do a little still life then please send your drawings to us at, Happy New February!