Oh you noticed this tiny text... Extra Practice would like to invite you to: Conviviality Party - This Friday, June 3rd, at the XP studio space (Zwaanshals 209) there will be food and drinks and we will also give some EXCLUSIVE tours of XP! more info at the bottom. Now follows the newsletter:

Dear readers,

It’s Elliott (unofficial XP intern). Over the last 2 weeks I’ve been unofficially interning with the folks at Extra Practice. This all happened through several accidents. Ben connected Emma and I for an apartment swap but because of visa issues Emma wasn’t able to go to New York and I stayed in Jack’s room while he was in Italy. The XP folks have been more than generous while I’ve been here. It’s been so nice getting to know them all. The other day Emma and Gijs and I were walking near the canal and asked if my trip could be distilled into one word. All I could think of was the word, “motion” which is pretty literal but feels fitting. Sometimes I feel like my happiness is proportional to the amount of time I am in motion. Do you ever feel this way? Does the universe just prefer to have things in motion? Maybe we just have to get on the highway/airplane/canal and things will start to happen.