Hello readers new and old,

Midsummer has just passed and the XPers are either flying from or returning to the nest. In the coming months there are only a few days in which we will align, but we will not let you down, and this fluctuation of occupancy is also a part of this place we call Extra Practice.

Perhaps this can be thought of as a form of an out of office email when the “office” you are a part of is composed of many schedules that don’t fit into a prescribed Holiday calendar.

With this in mind the tenuous newsletter device that we have settled on (primarily because it is possible for us to all do in our various modes of living right now) is that of the list. There are two origins of lists, on the one hand the military/French origin of an array: To put in order, to arrange, prepare, equip. The other shares its German origins with lust; longing, listening and desire.

So whether we are getting ready to go away, returning to our day to day lives, or perhaps in a deep groove of work planning our desires... here are the current XP summer packing lists.

Kirsten Spruit

Copied from my diary entry written the other day while laying in the shade of a grotto on the island of Stromboli 🌋

Benjamin Earl

Gijs de Boer

Some words I’m carrying along to July, with one of their origins, because I like how this paints them in a particular gloss. Thanks to www.etymonline.com, one of my favourite websites.

Emma Verhoeven

Ok I forgot so I just made this in 1 minute in my tent but maybe that makes it very authentic and subconsciously true?

Jack Bardwell

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